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Health Week 2019


Some classes in Pirniehall took part in Parkour. Parkour is a combination of jumping, climbing and running, normally in a public area. We were learning how to vault and land our jumps. We also did the monkey bars and jumping over benches.

Spartan’s Football

Some classes were lucky enough to do football with Spartans. We went to the astro and started off with a game of chaos tig to warm up. We then practised our fast movements before playing a fair game of football in teams.

Pure Gym

All the classes worked with Pure Gym. A Pure Gym instructor came in to do exercises with us. He put us through our paces and told us to do jumping jacks, bear crawl, crab walk and many more exercises. After the 30-minute session, we had very sore muscles. We had lots of fun, but it was very tiring!

Keith Cook

For Health Week we had a visit from Keith Cook, Scottish Fencing Champion. He gave us an inspirational talk about our goals and aspirations for the future. Primary 5, 6 and 7 took part in a fencing workshop with Keith Cook. He taught us to parry and to attack. We played a game called capture the bib. We also challenged Keith Cook to fence us [he won!].

The Body Coach

Each day during Health Week, The P6s and P7s did a 27-minute workout by Joe wicks, The Body Coach. It was very tricky and tiring! People were sweating!

The Red Cross

P6 and P7 had very special visitors. The Red Cross came to Pirniehall. The P6 and P7s learned how to do CPR. It was very fun for everyone. CPR is quite important to know in case somebody might be needing help. We met a doll called Little Anne. The Red Cross used her to show us how to press down on the chest when we do CPR. They told us to press down on the chest to the rhythm of Baby Shark.


Some classes participated in cheer-leading and learned how to do the basic moves, which were: Clean, Clap, Baby T, Big T, Right K, Left K and some jumps. We also learned to do some lifts. We were taught by our very own miss Cochrane. Everyone had lots of fun.


Comic Relief

This year, our Charities Hub have been working hard to organise events for Comic Relief on Friday 15th March. Pupils will be:

  • Selling red noses at playtime and before lunchtime from Monday 11th March – Thursday 14th They are £1.25 each
  • K2 Challenge- if children run 56 times around the astro it’s the same as climbing K2. Are you up for the challenge?
  • Joke Competition- best joke obvs! Put your joke in the class’s box. The charity hub will pick the winner! There are prizes for best jokes
  • Cake Sale- Friday 15th March, cakes for sale. The charities hub would appreciate any donations for their sale

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School Uniform

Pirniehall Primary School are working hard to make sure everyone is wearing school uniform. Please encourage your children to wear school uniform. If you wish to purchase school uniform, you can go to:

Generation Science

Fizz, Bang, Boom was a scientific experiment that Generation Science did with P6/7. Generation Science taught them about chemical reactions. They were shown how to make a reaction using vinegar, grape juice and baking soda.

P3/4, P4 and P5 experienced a workshop with Generation Science called, Smart Grid. The show was about electricity and energy sources. We learnt that smart meters tell you how much electricity you are using in your house, so you don’t waste electricity. We also learnt about wind turbines and how they work.

Lost Property

There are lots of items that have ended up lost in school and in the playground. If you think that your child has lost something or would like to make sure that nothing is missing, please visit our front entrance where we have lots of lost property.

World Book Day – 7th March 2019

We invite children to dress up for the day as their favourite book character.

Children will also take part in book related activities in their classes.

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Stem Competition 2018

Pirniehall are delighted to announce that Hannah Donnelly, Primary 6, is the winner of the ‘Wopsie the Cat’ RAF100 Stem Competition! Hannah was unanimously chosen as the Uk winner because of the degree of innovation she displayed, using water and light as power sources for her invention. She was chosen amongst 20 finalists who were selected from a total of 649 entries from across the country! Well done, Hannah! We’re all very proud of you!

Anti-Bullying Week 2018

The whole school have been celebrating Anti-Bullying Week this week. This year the theme is ‘Choose Respect, Choose Kindness’. We have made bracelets out of wool by brading tiny pieces of blue wool, blue is the colour of Anti-Bullying Week. We have taken part in lots of activities in our classes to continue to raise awareness of anti-bullying. The whole school have also made a display of our learning.

Congratulations to Pirniehall’s Dance club for coming in 2nd place at the ‘Dance Extravaganza’ competition!!


Holiday Dates 

EASTER BREAK-  School ends Thursday 29th March, all resume Tuesday 17th April

MAYDAY HOLIDAY-  School Closed Monday 7th May & Tuesday 8th May, children resume Wednesday 9th May

VICTORIA DAY- School closed Monday 21st May, all resume Tuesday 22nd May

School Photographs


The school photographer will be in Pirniehall on Tuesday 6th March. This year, due to pupil numbers, the photos will be of school pupils only.  You can have either individual

or family photos taken if you have more than one child in Pirniehall. 

Parent Contact

Parent Contact meetings will take place on

Wednesday 28th March

Appointment letters will be sent out nearer the time.

Book Fair

We will be holding our annual Book Fair Week on 27th February. The children will each receive a World Book Voucher worth £1 towards the price of any book purchased. The school also benefits from lovely new books from the proceeds of the fair.


Just a little reminder to book lunches by Wednesday evening for the following week and don’t forget to top up your milk payments each week!

Lost Property


We have a lot of lost property in school. If your child has lost anything here at school, please come along and have a look.  Please remember to put your child’s name on uniform, jackets and lunchboxes to avoid confusion.

The Den

You may have heard your children talk about The Den.  The Den is an area in school where children can come to play, chat and have some quiet time if they need it during lunchtime.  It holds a small group of children and is supervised by staff. Class teachers give out passes for The Den just before lunch and playground staff hold any extra passes in case a child would like to go in during lunch break if there is available space. The Den is also used during class time for focus groups or individual children.

Pirnie Snack Shack


The Snack Shack is run by the Health Hub and is proving to be very popular with everyone!  It offers a healthier alternative to sweets at breaktime and has a wide selection of goodies including breadsticks, ricecakes, sugar-free jelly and Pom Bear crisps, which are low in fat.  Prices range from 15p to 40p.

P7 Leavers Hoodies

After the success of last year’s P7 Leavers hoodies, we have decided to provide them again this year.  After approaching the Parent Council for a contribution towards the cost, they stepped up and agreed to pay for them all! A huge cheer for our amazing Parent Council!

Generation Science

We have booked Generation Science to come to Pirniehall and spend time with the children. Each class will take part in an amazing workshop and it is always fun and educational. 

Monday 5th March – P2/3, P5a, P5b, P3, P4 & P7

Tuesday 6th March – P2, P6a & P6b

Wednesday 7th March – P1a & P1b

As we are a health promoting school, we are asking that children do not bring fizzy juice or ‘energy’ drinks to school. They contain lots of sugar and caffeine and are not recommended for young children.  Staff will remove these drinks from children if brought in. Fruit juice, squash, milk or water are much healthier alternatives.