Term 1 and 2

The nursery are very playful and they enjoy playing in the water, making music and even climbing on the miniature climbing frame.

Term 3

The nursery children are enjoying playing with the water tray where they can mess about with water. They mostly enjoy doing painting and drawing, being creative and are inspired by the older children. One of their favourite activities is playing “pretend McDonalds” and being little chefs! They love running, climbing and playing on the climbing frame to stay healthy and active.


Pirniehall Nursery offers places for children from three years until school age. You will be given the option of a morning or afternoon session where possible. Nursery places are much in demand, please apply to place your child’s name on the waiting list well before your child’s third birthday.
In our nursery the emphasis is on the importance of learning through play where children are encouraged to develop their own natural curiosity and creativity. In this way, children begin the habit of learning. Pre-school education also helps children develop emotional maturity and social skills, which benefit education and behaviour later on.
Before children start school there will be opportunities for pupils to visit their new class and teacher, and for parents to hear about the Primary 1 curriculum and how they can best support their child’s learning.

Nursery Application Form –  download the form to apply for a nursery place

nursery-enrolment – information on Pirniehall Nursery enrolment