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22.06.20 –

Well here we are P2/3 – it’s the last week of term! So this week’s home learning grid is full of lots of fun ideas to create your very own End of Term Party! Have loads of fun celebrating and remember to send me any pictures of your parties!

It feels like only yesterday we were all together in our classroom. I am so proud of you for how you have coped these last few months. It has been very different and strange for everyone but you have done so well. Over the next week, think back to something you are proud of yourself for in P2 or P3. I am proud of all of you and I have absolutely loved being your teacher this year!

Have an amazing summer holidays – relax, have fun, be kind and enjoy seeing family and friends! I can’t wait to see you all around the school in August!

You are all Superstars!!! Cartoon Star - ClipArt Best

Miss Millar πŸ™‚ xxxweek 12week 12 (1)looking back template

Word Document:Β  P2-3 Home Learning week 12

Looking Back over the year document: Looking back over the year (1)


15.06.20 – Who fancies a trip to the zoo…and you don’t even need to leave your house!

Panda Face Emoji (U+1F43C)The *definitive* SEC emoji listing (With images) | Tiger emoji ...Animals - Lessons - Tes Teach🐘 Elephant Emoji Emoji Request - FlamingoEmoji Lion Face Icon - Transparent Background Lion Emoji, HD Png ...

This week we are planning a trip to a zoo and using lots of different skills to make it as interesting as possible. First, you have to explore and decide what zoo you would like to visit. Here are some that are doing online videos:

Well done to those who completed last week’s Sumdog challenge: Jess, Annaleigh and Saniyah. Well done to Saoirse and James who took part. There is a new challenge this week – the aim is to take part and see if you can complete the challenge to win coins!

This is the second last week of term. I know that home learning can be hard at times and it feels different to being in school. However, please try your best these next 2 weeks, make yourself and others proud, and then you can relax and enjoy the summer holidays.

Enjoy creating your trip to the zoo… I can’t wait to see what you come up with!

Panda Face Emoji (U+1F43C)The *definitive* SEC emoji listing (With images) | Tiger emoji ...Animals - Lessons - Tes Teach🐘 Elephant Emoji Emoji Request - FlamingoEmoji Lion Face Icon - Transparent Background Lion Emoji, HD Png ...

Miss Millar πŸ™‚ xweek 11week 11 (1)Word Document: P2-3 Home Learning week 11

Video Link:


08.06.20 – Hello artists!

This week you are going to create your very own….

Art Gallery Display Lettering (Australia) (teacher made)

There are lots of chances to get creative in this weeks grid and treasure the art you create. There is also a whole school challenge to create a piece of art that will be used in a video to show off the amazing art….make sure you take part! The information is below the learning grid.

Tate Gallery has loads of fun activities and quizzes so feel free to take some time to explore that too –Β

I would love to see more people taking in the Sumdog challenges, it’s great for me to see how you got on. Well done to James, Mathani, Saniyah, Jess and Zoe for taking part.

Have fun this week and Get Creative!

Miss Millar πŸ™‚ xweek 10week 10 (1) Word Document:Β P2-3 Home Learning week 10

Video Links:

Paolozzi information:

Writing Video:

Funky, Junky Sculpture:


art challenge

01.06.20 – Hello P2/3!!

I can’t believe it is June today! What amazing weather we are having, I hope you are all getting to enjoy it! β˜€

This week would have been Sports Day so we are going to do a special Home Sports Day! πŸŽΎβš½πŸΈπŸπŸ‘πŸ€

You have a smaller version of the normal grid this week since you will have to spend lots of time organising and setting up for your Sports Day. Continue to read this week, either on Epic or books you have at home. If you need some new books, come to the school every Tuesday or Friday from 12-1 and there is a trolley full of books for you to take home and borrow. I will be there to say hello too! 😊

You have the whole week to have your family Sports Day – you can choose to do it whenever it suits you and your family. Please take lots of photos and you can send them to the school’s email:, Pirniehall Facebook page or Learning Journals (P2 only).

Have fun, stay hydrated, try your best….

Get Ready….Set….Go!!!!

Miss Millar πŸ™‚ xweek 9week 9 (1)Word Document: P2-3 Home Learning week 9

Instructions Template:

sports day

Word Document: sports day grid


25.05.20 – Ladies and Gentleman, boys and girls….

It’s time to run your very own…

Quiz Night Ҁ” The Aeronaut

After the success of movie week – you are now in charge of your own Quiz Night.

Get your family together and have a fun night of quizzing. You will need to use your research skills to come up with some interesting questions. You will be writing out your questions and rules (you can do this on paper or on an ipad/laptop). You will also need to use your maths skills to keep track of the scores.

Last week I sent some coins to Saniyah, James and AdamΒ on Sumdog for their hard work! Keep going on Sumdog – even for a short burst every day. Mathani and Zoe have been doing lots of reading on Epic – I love seeing what you’ve been reading. Jess sent me a photo of her lovely piggy bank she made and it looked like Annaleigh had a brilliant movie night with her family. Well done everyone – keep it up, I love to see all your learning and hard work.

Please send me any photos or work from your Quiz night and have loads of FUN!

Missing you all!

Miss Millar πŸ™‚ x

week 8week 8 (1)Β  Word Document: P2-3 Home Learning week 8



18.05.20 – Hello P2/3! It’s….

Logopond - Logo, Brand & Identity Inspiration (Movie of the Week)

This week all our learning is based around a family movie week! Pick your favourite movie to watch as a family and get planning an exciting, cosy movie night.

Well done to Saniyah, Jess, Mathani, Zoe and Saoirse for trying their best on the money challenge last week on Sumdog. I have also seen lots of you reading books on Epic, that’s fantastic to see – keep exploring and enjoying stories!

Monday (today, 18th) is actually a holiday so take some time to relax and spend time with your family doing something you enjoy! Keep working hard – you’re doing so well!

Miss Millar πŸ™‚ x

week 7week 7 (1) Word Document: P2-3 Home Learning week 7log inlog in 2

11.05.20 – Good Morning!! β˜€

Hello my lovely P2/3s! Hope you all had a great long weekend. I am missing you all but it has been so nice to hear from some of you and to know you are doing well.

Look out for a friend request from me on Sumdog – I am sending them today! We can play games and if I am impressed with your playing, you can earn a gift!

Keep trying your best in your learning – you can do it! Try small chunks of learning with breaks to get creative, get outside, create or make something.

Keep staying safe🌈 , you’re doing brilliantly!! πŸ‘ πŸ˜ƒ

Miss Millar 😊 x

week 6week 6 (1)Word Document: P2-3 Home Learning week 6

Video Links:


Money Game:


log inlog in 2Word Document: How to log in to epic


Word Document: Number of the Day Home Learning


4.5.20 – May the Fourth Be With You!

Star Wars in the Classroom - Prim-Ed Publishing Blog

Another week, another new learning grid. Big shout out to Saniyah, Saoirse, Mathani and Jess who are working hard on Sumdog. Look out for a friend request from me this week and maybe even a Sumdog gift! Also a big thank you to Jess for sending in all of her amazing work on the P2 Learning Journals. Please keep sending in work to learning journals (P2) and Pirniehall Facebook page (everyone).

Hope you are all doing well – we are getting through this. I have been lucky to see or hear from a few of you when parents have picked up packed lunches on Tuesday and Friday at school. It is so lovely to know how you’re getting on. Missing you all and I hope to see or hear from you soon!

Miss Millar πŸ™‚

week 5week 5 (1)Word Document: Β P2-3 Home Learning week 5

Video Links:

Science –



Reading: http://www.getepic.comΒ log inlog in 2

Word Document:Β How to log in to epic


Word Document:Β Number of the Day Home Learning


27.4.20 – Hello everyone! Hope you’ve all been getting the chance to enjoy this lovely sun during your one outing a day!

Here is your next home learning grid. I would love to see your work so please send it to me. Either on learning journals (P2 only) or the Pirniehall Facebook Page.

Hope you are all doing well. I am always thinking of you and miss you all!

Good Luck with this weeks learning and try to get out and enjoy the sun!

Miss Millar πŸ™‚

week 4week 4 (1)Word Document : P2-3 Home Learning week 4

Website Links:

Writing picture:

Oxford Owl:Β Owl 1 (2)Owl 2


Number of the Daynumberday


20.4.20 – Welcome Back P2/3! I hope you had a good holiday and had time to relax and enjoy lots of fun with your families. Here is your home learning grid for this week. I would really love to see your work – remember you can share on the Pirniehall Facebook page and P2’s you can share on your learning journals. I would love to hear from you all!

I hope you are staying safe and well – keep being kind to everyone as we get through this strange time!

Miss Millar πŸ™‚

title w3week 3week 3 (1)

Video Links:

Hit the Button:

3D Shape Song:

Just Dance:

Easter video:

Number of the Day:

number of the day


3.4.20: HAPPY HOLIDAYS!! Hope you’re all doing well. Easter is a time to enjoy the sun (hopefully), eat chocolate, get crafty and spend time with family. I want you to enjoy these 2 weeks. Relax, spend time with your family and have lots of fun!

I have made an Easter Activities grid. This is just some ideas of what you could do during your holidays in this strange time. You don’t have to do them but if you see something that you would enjoy or fancy giving a try – GO FOR IT! Maybe you want to try all of them!? Up to you!

Parents – All the links and examples of work is underneath the grid with the number from the grid. E.g Number 1 gives you examples of drawing your own Easter egg pattern.

Hope you enjoy the activities! P2 you can send me photos or messages on your learning journals and P3 send anything into the Pirniehall Facebook page and I will see it there.

Thinking of you all. Take care, stay safe and have a fantastic holiday!

Happy Easter!! Miss Millar πŸ™‚ x

easter grid

Word Document: Easter Activities


  1. Examples for your egg pattern

1 easter eggs


2. Indoor Scavenger Hunt

photo 2

Word Document to print:Indoor Scavenger Hunt


3. Rainbow trick:


4. Truffle Recipe

4 truffle 1

4 truffle 2


5. How to make a paper bunny:


6. Let’s Go Exploring!




Wildlife Park:

Edinburgh Zoo:


7. Art examples

7 art examples



30.3.20: Hello P2/3! It’s a brand new week – I hope you have been having lots of fun so far. Here is your new home learning grid for this week. Remember Sumdog is always available for you to play on and try to enjoy reading lots of stories. Make sure you allow time to play and practise what you’re good at: drawing, building with lego, baking, football? I am thinking of you all and I miss seeing you every day in class. Stay safe, be kind and have fun!

Miss Millar πŸ™‚34

Video Links CosmicKidsYoga

numberday Β 

Word Documents

Β P2-3 Home Learning week 2

Number of the Day Home Learning


25.3.20: Happy Wednesday! I have made my rainbow and put it up in my window to make people smile. Have you? I know these are stressful times, do what you can from the home learning grid but the most important thing is staying healthy and happy. Remember to also play, colour, explore, build, create, design and read lots of stories. Thinking of you all!

Miss Millar πŸ™‚

rainbow window


23.3.20 – Morning P2/3! Here is your first Home Learning grid. Follow the links for videos and all spelling lists are on the Whole School Learning tab. Hope you all enjoy learning from home. Stay safe, be kind, have fun! Miss Millar πŸ™‚

P2-3 Home learning week 1



Hello P2/3!

This is our class page – look out for our first Home Learning Grid going up on Monday morning!

Hope you are all well and taking care of yourselves and others.

Miss Millar πŸ™‚

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