Primary 4

Term 1

P4 have been reading Greek myths and have now started reading The Creakers, by Tom Fletcher.

In Maths we are learning about time and division.

In Literacy some of us are learning ‘magic e’ and some are learning about long vowels and short vowels.

Term 2

In Maths, P4 have been learning how to add and subtract within a thousand.

In literacy we are making a story by colouring characters and writing our story bit by bit.

In topic we are learning about rainforests, including the animals and where they live.

Term 3

P4 have been practising their 3,4 and 5 times tables for Maths. They have been learning how to use their times tables to help them to divide. In topic Maths they have been learning about angles and have made some right angle checkers!

In Literacy, they are upgrading their sentences to make them more interesting and exciting. They are enjoying practising their space spelling too! They have just finished their class novel ‘Creakers’ by Tom Fletcher! They really enjoyed reading it!


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