Primary 6

Term 1

P6 have been learning about the desert. We watched facts about animals, plants and what is going on in the desert.

We have also been learning about estate agents and made a fascinating Book Creator presentation, pretending to make our own website ideas.

We enjoyed reading a fantastic book named Holes by Louis Sachar. We enjoyed it so much, we created our own camp with art materials. We also made our own picture of the desert. We used pastels and tissue paper. And we decided to re-make our own front covers for the book. All of us think that the drawings look amazing!

We are starting to learn about natural disasters. We made our own houses and are going to line them up with our home teams. We think that we did a great job with these beautiful houses. We hope that you like them!

Term 2

P6 are reading a book called Wonder by R.J. Palacio. It’s about a boy called August and he was born, looking different. And by different, it means that his face is deformed. Our class are excited to watch the movie that came out last year. Make sure to read the book or watch the movie!

P6 are continuing to learn about natural disasters. We made and had two of our houses burned a little, so it means that a wildfire attacked a few days ago in our class! We have also looked at a video on YouTube about how wildfires are made and how we can see what way it will go next. We can’t wait until another disaster will show up by our houses…

In Maths, we have been learning how to do chimney sums. Here’s an example of one, 275+678=953. We have also been learning how to round a number to the nearest ten and hundred.

Term 3

P6 have been learning about the human body. We found a YouTube video that told us how we could see how the food turns into waste in our body, known as the digestive system.We used a tray for the body, a sandwich bag for the stomach, a leg from tights for the small intestines and 2 plastic cups, 1 for the large intestines and 1 as the bottom. We put a banana and 2 crackers in the stomach for the food, water for the saliva that makes the food softer, and orange juice for the acid that is inside our stomach.We crushed everything together and then put the mixture into the tights. We squished the food from 1 end to the other, and then all the water and juice from the squished-up food dripped out, representing how the small intestines take everything good out of the food. Then we got the food to a cup, with a hole, representing the bottom. We then used the large intestines to squeeze the food out of the bottom, representing going to the toilet. Some of us were disgusted, while others were happy about the topic.We have pictures on Facebook, so make sure to check them out!

P6 have been reading ‘The Boy in the Striped Pyjamas’. There’s a boy called Bruno and a girl called Gretel. In the book, their dad works with the Nazis and the Nazis all shout ‘Hail Hitler!’. They moved from Berlin (Germany) to Out-With (Poland).

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