Mission Statement & School Aims

Mission Statement

At Pirniehall Primary School we want to provide a stable, caring and supportive environment for pupils, parents and staff. Within this environment we want to promote effective learning and encourage in every child a sense of his or her own worth and a belief in his or her own potential. We want to encourage tolerance, concern and respect for others. We want to build on our relationship with parents and foster a partnership which will further enrich their children’s education.

School Aims 

  • Value the whole child – celebrating strengths and achievements, and supporting learning needs
  • Provide a welcoming, safe, accessible and nurturing environment which listens to & values the opinions of all
  • Promote independence and resilience so learners feel confident in making choices and embracing change
  • Deliver a fun, stimulating and skills based curriculum,
  • Emphasise literacy and numeracy as key skills for life
  • Learn about the importance of a healthy lifestyle and keeping ourselves safe
  • Ensure learners experience and recognise progress
  • Give many opportunities for active learning, allowing learners to co-operate, persevere and achieve
  • Encourage respect for ourselves and others
  • Recognise positive ways of expressing and managing our feelings and emotions
  • Play a positive role in our community in valuing diversity and equality
  • Work in partnership with others to enable all learners to reach their full potential
  • Develop an understanding of our role as citizens of the wider world
  • We are committed to the principles and values of Unicef’s Rights Respecting Schools, and continue to work towards achieving Gold Level. UNICEF – Rights Respecting Schools