Pirnie Hubs

Below  are a list of our hubs that represent areas of children’s interest at school.  Every child at Pirniehall chooses the hub they want to join and they have a voice in the decision making process.  They will share some of their work and achievements on this site.  Watch this space.

Eco– Eco hub is run by Mrs Irving. Pirniehall have got there 7th green flag and are working on improving the school grounds.

The Eco Hub have been planting some lovely bright bulbs and picking up litter in West Pilton Park. After picking up litter, they did a survey to see which was the most common. They also researched which materials could be recycled and found out about products that can be made from recycled material. They have recently had a visit from a member of staff from Biffa to help us to recycle better at Pirniehall. Look out for their waste free packed lunch competition during Health Week.

Charity– Charity hub is run by Mrs Austen and Mr Meechan. The charity hub raised huge amount for children in need last year and they will hope to do the same this year.

The Charity’s Hub have been creating posters for Red Nose Day 2019. They have also created boxes for their competition. They are planning to make a cake sale on Friday 15th March 2019.

Health– Health hub is run by Mrs Arnot and Miss McGinty. The health hub have created their own healthy snack business called the ‘pirnie snack shack’. They have also had a visit from the local community police to put forward issues that they fell strongly about in the local community.

The Health Hub have worked hard to create our own SHANARRI wheel. They thought hard about each well-being indicator and what they meant. You can see there display in our gym hall. Our Health Hub also teamed up to do a live stream with Chef Hector on YouTube. They made lots of healthy dishes.

Choir– Choir hub is run by Mrs Goss and Mr Neilson. The choir hub have been singing a variety of different songs and hope to do well in the future.

The Choir are rehearsing five songs for a live performance. We can’t wait to see it!

Gardening– Gardening hub is run by Miss Godard and Mrs Miller. They will be gardening around Pirniehall primary and making it look like a better school.

The Gardening Hub have been very busy, planting 300 bulbs. They have taken clippings from plants and have painted some lovely pots.

Community– Community hub is run by Mrs Forsyth and Mrs Greives. They will be trying to make Pirniehall a better place and a better community.

Digital leaders– The digital leaders hub is run by Miss O’Mahony and Mrs Purdom. They will be learning how to do coding and how to update the iPads.

The Digital Leaders created a competition for Safer Internet Day 2019.

P1 and P2 had to colour a Safer Internet Day Poster.

P3 and P4 had to create an iMovie showing how we can be safe online.

P5, P6 and P7 had to create an animation on Scratch Junior showing how we can keep ourselves safe online.

They have also been learning to code, using Microbits and Alex, so that they can teach other classes.

Web warriors-Web warriors is run by Miss Tidy. They will be updating the Pirniehall school website and keeping you updated on the latest news and more.

Web Warriors have been updating the website. Each class page has been updated, so you can find out what your child’s class has been learning each term. They have been trying hard to keep you updated with the latest news.